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My love-life didn’t start out as happy and fulfilling as it is today…



My name is Benjamin.

My problems with women started already in elementary school. There was this girl I liked very much. But I couldn’t tell her, right? It was a secret. A secret crush. However, through a friend this girl got to know about my innocent feelings for her. And she took great advantage of it…

She first rejected me, laughed at me, trampled on my feelings, and invited all the class to make fun of me: “Ha ha! Benjamin likes this girl. Ha ha!”

This little incident may seem unimportant to You.
But it shaped me for the following 15 years.

Deep inside and without knowing it, I connected massive pain with liking and interacting with girls and women. Thus, I avoided talking to them or even looking at them.
I never learnt how to talk or understand women.
So when I finally, wanted to love a woman and find a partner, I couldn’t.

I was too shy. I didn’t know what to say. Talking to women was awkward for both, me and the woman!

Year after year passed by…

I tried Pick Up techniques to help me “get some bit**es”. But I only become more of a fake than I already was.
(By the way, if You don’t know what Pick Up is, those are the guys that almost make it a sport to seduce as many women as they can. Their techniques can help to some extent. But if you are looking for high-class women and dream of a partner – maybe even having a family some day – don’t use manipulative pick up techniques.)

Finally, when the pain of being alone became too strong, one coach entered my life and helped to transform into a desirable and socially crafty man.

Was it a tough piece of work? – Hell, yes.

Was it worth it? – Like nothing else in my life…

After meeting, flirting and seducing a few girls – and way sooner than expected – I met a different woman. She is beautiful, profound, lovely and last but not least, funny!
I love spending time with her and the fact that she forgets my jokes pretty soon.
I can tell her the same jokes over and over again! 🙂

For more than 3 years, we are together. We live together and build a life together.DSCN1284

Before I knew it, my deepest dream of a happy and fulfilling love life came true (without “over-romantizing”, if that’s a word).

I don’t know, which love life would make You happy and fulfilled.

But my message is this: Everyone deserves to experience love. You deserve to experience love!

Years ago, I could change myself.

So can You.

I know how much it hurts not being capable of finding a loving partner or even just getting a date with an interesting lady, I am more than happy to help single men living the love life of their dreams. That’s why I could already help over 4500 men through my courses and teachings.

Let me help You, too. 

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