What is Resource-Acquire-Potential? (How I found my Dream Woman within 6 months)

Benjamin Schwarz walks You through the 1 magic transformation that made him find his girlfriend within less than 6 months (and the practical steps he took on the way).

If you have been looking for a girlfriend or wife but
haven’t found her yet, this might be the most important
blog post you will ever read.

So make sure to take the 5 minutes and read it until the end.


I see it every day…

…There are men who are the nicest people.
Educated, funny, romantic.
These men are ready for true love and honestly
want to share a life together with their soul mate
once they found her.
They are ready to found a family and are thinking about
which games they could play with their future kids.
In short: These men are the dream of most women and yet, they are lonely.
They get rejected woman after woman, either online or in real-life situations.

Although they technically fulfill all the prerequisites
for a great boyfriend or husband, they at best be friends
with the women they wanted.

The solution is simple:
If you want to be more than friends with a woman,

You must sexually attract her.

Every day I hear: “Looks don’t matter so much.
Only the inner values count in a relationship.”

That way of thinking has cost men (and women)
millions of chances for finding true love. And it
shows the fundamental misunderstand of

Because Attractiveness goes way beyond good looks.
What women actually prefer is an unbreakable attitude.

So..Let me give You a Simple Strategy that is going to
change Your Love Life Forever.


How women choose their “mate”

36494756 - woman thinking


We might not like it, but basically, we’re animals.
Our brains are old…even ancient.
Our today’s brains are the same brains we had 10 000 years ago.
And our brain’s most important task back then was to keep us alive.

The environment back in the days wasn’t as secure and comforting
as it has been for the past 200 years.
We needed to develop certain survival mechanisms
to be able to unify as a group, fight a raider from another tribe,
run away from a saber tooth tiger…You get the point

In such a hostile environment, it was risky to make and raise children.
Still, nature wanted us to proliferate.
So, men and women had to choose
which individual of the opposite sex
is worth taking the risk of making children with.

Our brains developed a subconscious partner-evaluation-system
which translates into feelings of being attracted
to certain individuals of the opposite sex.

So Attraction is nothing but a brain program
that increases our chances to successfully multiply.

Naturally, mammals want to combine their genes with the best genes possible.
That’s why both men and women are attracted to individuals which
we define as “beautiful” and healthy.

So to bust any myth that is still out there:

The looks do matter to both, men and women.
However, not to the same extent…

Men are way more attracted to beautiful woman,
than women are attracted to handsome men.

Why is that?

This “attraction-difference” can be explained when we
look at the costs of sexual intercourse.


Costs associated with sex for men

  1. A little effort
  2. 4 minutes of his time
  3. One teaspoon of some funny liquid

That’s it.

Technically, a man’s job to keep the species going
is done after sex. That’s why a man in ancient
times could afford to be attracted primarily
to the best genes possible, so the most beautiful woman.

His costs for sex are little.

(Please note: We are just talking about sexual attraction here. Of course, in a long-term love relationship other traits of the lady matter more and more.)

In contrast, here are the

costs associated with sex for women.

  • A little effort
  • 4 minutes of her time
  • 9 months of her life carrying a child under her heart.
    That means she would need to eat for two people.
    She would be heavier, slower and thus couldn’t escape
    from danger as easily anymore
  • Giving birth under utmost agony and
    the constant danger of dying in the process
  • Years of her life caring for a clumsy toddler.
    Again, having to feed two people and not being
    able to quickly escape from any danger
  • Another few years until the child could run and provide for him/herself

All in all, a woman’s life expectancy dropped significantly
the moment she had sex with a man.
She could not afford to just have sex with the most
handsome guy. She needed an ally in the quest
of surviving and getting the child raised.
That is why women are not primarily attracted to the most
handsome men but to men with a high “resource-acquire-potential”.

That means women are attracted to men who are capable and willing to protect and provide for her and the future children.

This is the basis of manly attractiveness…and if we like it or not we can’t change human psychology. Fulfill this and women will feel attracted to You. Fail at this and even your long-term girlfriend or wife will lose her desire for You.

^If you are an involuntary single man,
it is most likely because in the eyes of women You are either
not capable or not willing to protect and provide.

Nowadays, most men are willing
to do anything for their lady.
But they fail to show that they are also capable
of doing that.

They fail to show their (inner) strength.


What is inner strength and how to demonstrate it


Inner strength is for example

  • the ability to overcome fears,
  • the ability to master dangerous situations,
  • to handle rejections and disappointments,
  • being determined to reach a goal, no matter what,
  • etc.

Can You see, how these warrior-like traits
would have saved a woman’s butt back in the days?
When she could not find food for herself and the future child
she needed a man who would go in a dangerous world
and not come back without anything to eat.

Times have changed and you do not have to
kill and grill some bunnies to feed your future lady anymore…
(this is actually counter-productive)

But how DO You demonstrate Your inner strength to the ladies then?

First, how to NOT demonstrate inner strength:
fake identities and pick-up lines.
If you have to hide behind lies, cool phrases,
or pick up techniques, you are weak.
A woman notices pretty quickly if
You ARE a strong man or if you only play one.
All pick up techniques are for nothing,
if you are still a little, insulted boy deep inside.

The secret to demonstrating real strength is:

  1. Be authentic.
  2. Make the best out of your outer appearance.
  3. Ramp up your self-confidence
  4. Make a great first impression through your body language and behavior
  5. Work your social muscle.


So with that said…
How do You make Yourself a strong man so that You are almost guaranteed to attract the type of women You like?


The 10 things that matter turning you into a strong and attractive man


46809485 - beautiful happy couple in autumn scenery

1.      Understand what women want

You have heard so many things about what a man has to fulfill
to be liked by a woman. The list is long and you probably
can’t tick off all the points. It’s also not necessary.

Focus on a simple concept that explains things form its basis:
Due to our evolutionary history, women are attracted to
healthy and strong men, who are capable and willing to protect
and provide for her and the future kids.
Ideally, this man looks good and healthy.


2.      Know Who you are and live it

This is the basis of authenticity.
Ever heard the Dating advice “Just be yourself”?
Didn’t really work, did it?

It’s because people don’t know what “just be yourself” really means.
It means to know where your life’s journey is going.
Find out:

  • what you value most,
  • what your life’s vision is
  • and make step-wise goals to get there.

If you need some guidance, here is a great video by
Mindvalley” showing you how to get clarity on
your life’s values, visions, and goals.

(That video was the best 13 minutes spent that day when I first watched it 2 years ago.)


3.      Attractiveness starts within

Attractiveness starts in your head.

What do you think is more attractive?
Thinking: “Oh my god, she is so pretty. She is out of my league.”
Or thinking: “Wow, she is pretty. Let’s bless her with my presence 😉

Attractiveness has a lot to do with how you see yourself.
If You are a strong a man, You believe that…

  • you are worth good and clean clothes every day.
  • your body deserves Your daily attention through
    workout, a healthy diet, and good hygiene
  • and you are worth an interesting lifestyle

Can You see, how this attitude translates into an attractive outward appearance?


4.      Master the first impression

The first impression sets the tone.
Make your life easier and show your strength
from the first moment on. That ensures that all
the ladies in the room file you as “Potential Partner”
instead of “Weak Mr. Nice-guy/friend”

As said before, groom well. Show that your self-esteem is high.
Walk with your head up,
free your chest and relax your shoulders.
Communicate strength in every moment
through strong body language.
Smile like the world is yours.

Also, maintain eye-contact with people.
That signals strength because only strong
people can stand prolonged eye-contact.
Women know, only weak men look away quickly.


5.    Perfectly approach a woman

“Hey cupcake, I lost my phone number. Can I have yours?”

Ahh… please.

Ditch the pick up lines for now.
They are funny to some extent and
if you are a really strong and humorous man,
you can basically start a conversation with anything.
Even with that pick up line above.

But keep in mind: The “always-working-approach”, does not exist.
The perfect approach is always spontaneous
and very specific to the woman in front of you.

I personally like to make a very specific compliment.
I look at the woman, I find something cool about her,
and then go to her and tell her that.

Such a specific compliment proves her that you
are telling the same things to all the girls.


6.      Boost your talking skills

What to do after, you have said your first phrase?

The silence after the first sentence is probably
the scariest moment in a man’s love life.

So many experts love to impose their “conversation rules”.
“Always say _______ and never say _____.”
If you follow these rules, women will always fall for You, right?


These rules are simply feces.

Because rules kill the beauty of a real conversation.

It’s not cool, neither for you nor the woman,
if you are just rolling out your prepared scripts.
It’s better to be spontaneous, enjoy the talk and
see how the conversation-paths unfolds under your feet.

If you are still unsure, what to talk about with a lady
and how to flirt with her
here is the best tip I have ever seen:

Pretend the sex between You and the woman in front of You is already a set deal…

...and now You are just passing the time with her
in the most awesome and funny way possible.

(Works even in relationships ;))

This attitude sets you in the right mode.

It makes You feel strong and in control.
Plus, You are free in Your head to pass
a splendid evening with that special lady.


7.      Calibrate yourself socially

You are the best at flirting when you are in your most communicative mode.

Ever had the experience,
that after 1 week of solitude, working or studying too much
You came back in life,
met with your friends but had troubles talking?

Like the words didn’t come out as easily anymore
and or your intonation was somehow not congruent?

This…rocky conversation is the result of low social calibration.
You haven’t been communicating with other human beings a lot.

Thus, communicate with people. Communicate a lot.
Move at the edges of your social comfort zone.
For example, You could start looking people in the eyes
until they look away first (see 4.).
Or for the more advanced:  Talk to 30 strange women in one day.


8.      Charisma

We all have met or seen very charismatic people.
We don’t know what we like so much about them,
but somehow we can’t get enough of
their presence and attention.

They appear to have an aura so charming that
one would believe anything they say.

Charisma is the last step of attractiveness
and a life-long journey.
The best tip I can give you on being charismatic is: Be present

Give your fullest attention to the present moment.
Give the fullest attention to what your lady is saying to you.
And give your fullest attention to the words you are saying.

That is what will build up an aura
that women (and people in general) can
hardly resist. While other men think about
what to say next and what to do next, You are different.
Because You are making a present.
The present of your fullest attention.

(a rare thing in times of smartphones)


To sum it all up

Women find You attractive when You show inner strength through your actions and your words. 

Would You like a full walkthrough of this system in action using the same steps that helped me find (and keep!) my dream woman within 6 months?

Checkout the Make Her Want You Premium System”


Got questions, Comments, Anything Else?
Comment below!


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